Friday, February 18, 2011

From Bonn City to Bonn-Gielgen: Up by bus and down by bike

"Bicycle friendly city in Northrhine-Westphalia"

Several years ago I published my blog Fahrradfahren:  Bonn by Bike showing my daily route from Gielgen on the mountain, right hand side of the Rhine river,  to the university in Bonn City.

With a folding bike it is even more fun to skip the way up hill.  At Suttner Platz in the city you take bus number 608, your folding bike aboard.  The bus will take you on a 25 minute ride to Gielgen.
Get off at this final stop and go towards the Chamber of Agriculture (Landwirtschaftskammer). You you will be on the route outlined in my blog. Start at this welcome sign saying:  "Bicycle friendly city in North Rhine Westphalia". It shows a bike and the heraldic symbol of Bonn.

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