Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brompton Folder Fits in Ikea Dimpa Bag

Ikea's Dimpa bag is an inexpensive and quite practical sack for transporting the Brompton. This is what some users have reported:
It costs 3.99 US Dollar in the US, whereas here in Germany, Ikea Cologne is charging 5.99 Euro.  The bag`s measures are: Length: 65 cm, width:  22 cm,  height   65 cm.
The transparent bag is made of  sturdy plastic  material, polypropylen.  It comes with zippers that make it easy to pack the Brompton. 
So far I have been really satisfied with it.

Kris Ablan in the Philippines has a nice illustrated report about his packing experience on his blog  "Riding a folding  bike around Manila".


  1. I just bought a couple Dimpa bags from Ikea. Perfect fit for the Brompton, it's almost like they made it with the bike in mind. Thanks for the great tip!

  2. Is it strong enough? My fear is the bag will be easily torn by the B weight, especially if we carry it on our shoulder


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