Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Berlin-Potsdam: Mark the "No-go" zone for cyclists at Friedenskirche

                   This sign at the entrance of Friedenskirche
                               in Potsdam`s park Sanssouci
                   is a rare exampleof no go zones for cyclists
            The park is on the list of UNESCO world heritages.
                   Unlike the no-go zone around Friedenskirche, 
                    it offers a bicycle path which takes the visitor
              to  the major sites.  Enjoy a wonderful bicycle ride!      
              The Prussian king Frederick the Great (1712 - 1786)
                 personally planned the park with its two castles
                    a Chinese Tea House and the Bath House.
Map of park Sanssouci with bicycle path

View of castle Sanssouci with greenhouse front

"sans" =( French) without," souci"= (French) worry

Park Sculpture

Chinese Tea House

Sculptures at  the Chinese Tea House

Forest in Park Sanssouci

Park Sculpture

Flower garden in front of the bath house

The eagle, Prussia`s state symbol, on top of the king`s Palais

The Palais of Frederick II.

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