Friday, March 25, 2011

A Case of Warranty: Broken Fender

In my last post I wrote about a broken aluminium fender (mudguard) of the front wheel and I wondered whether this was a clear case of warranty.

Before I took the bike to my local dealer I read the warranty  terms and conditions.  The key points for me were these:

Brompton Warranty Terms & Conditions

"All new Brompton bicycles purchased on or after 1 April 2002 are
covered by a 5-year unlimited mileagewarranty for the main frame components,
commencing from the date of sale. Other non-wearing parts on your
bicycle (crank arms, brake calipers, mudguards, etc.) are covered
by a 2-year warranty."

From this it  should be clear that my bike`s
defect was covered.  And the fender
would have to be replaced free of charge, 
as is stated in the follwoing sentence:
"Any part found to be defective during this period will be repaired
or replaced by an authorised Brompton Dealer(...)"
I took the bike to my local dealer, showed
the damaged part. At the store, they sent me
to the spare parts section. They said that they 
would replace the fender  for me, however,
there was no fender on stock, so they went
ahead to order one. 
Finally, the broken mudguard was replaced without 
charge and to my full satisfaction. 

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