Saturday, May 12, 2012

Night rides on Brompton folding bikes

One late night in May I rode my electric bike, which is not a Brompton, on my way home after a pleasant time with friends in a beer garden.  The special thrills of cycling the city at night have been experienced by many bikers.  No surprise that night rides are now part of our modern urban bicycle culture:
In LA a group of pedal aficionados with the website Midnight Ridazz say it
"is an experience in sights, sounds, thrills, physical activity, and local economy that could never be replicated by a night out at (Sh)City Walk."
In Singapore, Kevin and Gwyn tell us in their nicely illustrated blog about a self organized night ride of Brompton riders, which drew 50 participants.
In Agen, France, Denis Caraire has uploaded a video on youtube featuring a funny  Brompton rider who is acting like a DJ.  Watch out for the illuminated saddle post of his folder.  Apart from the fun, evidently an impressive safety feature at night. Night Ride with Brompton DJ in Agen .

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