Monday, July 18, 2011

Automobile enthusiasts put a folding bike into their darling vehicles

At this year`s weekend show of vintage cars in Rheinbach ("Rheinbach Classics") near Bonn, Germany, we spotted a Brompton folding bike hidden under a blanket on the back seat of a beautiful Mercedes Benz.

                                   A Brompton hidden under a blanket on the oldtimer`s back seat

At the same time we read in the German press (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) that the prestigious luxury car maker BMW has received a government subsidy for the design and production of a new electric folding bike.

The subsidy for building this bike has been justified by the government with the argument that carrying an electric folding bike in the trunk of every car would close a gap in the chain of electric mobility.   The idea behind these big words  by German bureaucrats seems to be this:  In the future world of electric cars people should have an e-bike on board at all times enabling them to continue their trips in an ecologically acceptable way once the car has been parked.

Folding bike friends will have to watch out this summer for the arrival of this new BMW vehicle.

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