Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flat Tire: Brompton pssssss

The other day I was happily riding my folder along the river Rhine in Bonn, when all of a sudden a loud noise from the rear and an intensive "psssss"  irritated me.  I looked behind, then down to the rear wheel.  No doubt,  a flat tire, was my diagnosis.  Luckily I was near a  good bicycle shop where they could help me within some hours. The repair job was done to my satisfaction, and it came out to this bill:

Bill of Flat Rear Tire Repair (Bonn 2011)

It is worth mentioning, that on my bill it read that after close inspection no alien object ("kein Fremdk√∂rper") could be detected.  In my interpretation, the tire blew because the original material (tube) was of poor quality. 

Next time I may want to fix it myself.  Some quite helpful pages and video clips can be found out there on the internet.

The most helpful comment I found in this post on the internet:
"Recommend installation of TUFFY (or similar product) Bicycle Tire Liners between your tire tube and tire carcus.
Ever since suffering two (2) flats on succeeding days I have used tire liners within ALL (ATB, CROSS and Road) bicycles). Posted by William R. Walling on November 02, 2007 at 01:41 PM GMT"

Here is a link to follow if you want to learn more about this solution:

Well, and there is a German solution, too.  A mechanic from my
Brompton dealer in Sankt Augustin told me that many, many bikers have been happy with the Schwalbe Marathon plus tire.   Here is the link to a company with a world wide reputation producing not far from Cologne, here in Germany.

I found some quite favourable experience reports and comments here: