Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I missed my train but my folding bike Brompton helped me out

My evening date was at a pizza restaurant in town.  Living in a suburb 8 km from the city centre, my plan was to park the car on parking lot for commuters in Hangelar and  take the city train (line 66) to Bonn.
Seconds before arriving at the car park, the train came and left me frustrated behind.
The next train would go half an hour later, precisely at the time of my date in the restaurant.
I decided to ride my Brompton folder which I was carrying as usual in the trunk of my car. 
The rest of the story is evident:  I pedalled 7 kilometers to Bonn, where I found my place in the restaurant and  put my  Brompton unobtrusively under the table. I had enjoyed a nice ride in this  early spring evening and I had made it to my date,  hungry for a tasty pizza.

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  1. I have done the same with my Montague folding bike when I have missed the bus on the way to work in the morning. Sometimes I'll just ride in, but other times, I'm able to catch the bus a stop or two down the road, and the bike can come right along with me.


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