Monday, April 30, 2012

Bicycle Tires: Which brand?

The question of which bicycle tire, which model and which brand to choose will arise once you experience a puncture during your ride as it happened to me last year. (Flat Tire: Brompton pssss)

The other day I came across a video on youtube featuring the visit of a group of internationally known mountain bike athletes at the Continental tire factory in Korbach.  This city near Kassel happens to be the town where I was born and where I grew up.  I remember my jobbing at the Korbach tire plant when I was a college student.  I know there are hard working and ingenious people in that factory. No wonder,  Continental tires have become famous for their good quality and outstanding performance. (Handmade in Germany!)  Oh, I`ve got to hold my horses, I am not an advertiser.  I just wanted to call your attention to a video. Click here and enjoy: Bicycle athletes visiting the Continental Tire Factory in Korbach

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