Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Bicycle Encounter on Father`s Day 2012

 On Father`s Day 2012, my son and I went on a bicycle tour in the Rhine valley near Königswinter.

We  met this happy group of fathers on a special fun  vehicle for a cycling group which is for rent in the Wied valley.  As they were just having a break for an ice-cream when we came by, they bought us our cones of ice-cream, too.
  They were from a local carnival association. Thank you, boys!

Here in Germany, the originally Christian holiday of Ascension Day has lost much of its religious value. By popular observance it has been changed into a Father`s Day, which is a day for men to join in such rough activities as drinking beer, possibly one glass more than is prudent, or going out for a sport or adventurous journey.

You may also go to my last year experience: For Father`s Day: My Brompton folding bike mounted on a Hercules W 2000 motor bike with sidecar - then cycling down from Margaretenhöhe to the Rhine in the Nature Park Siebengebirge at Königswinter near Bonn

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