Monday, September 21, 2015

Anna rents a cargo bike for free

Anna from Cologne, Germany, is happy about the local bicycle association's cargo bike rental service.

The "General German Bicycle Association", ADFC in Cologne rents cargo bikes for free.

Anna's transportation problem this weekend was too much for a folding bike.  She had to go on a one hour bicycle trip to reach her farming plot outside Cologne for the potatoe harvest and for the potatoes' transport back home.

The ADFC cargo bike did a great job.  And the best about it:  It's free.

Here is some technical information just in  case you are located in Cologne and interested in renting.
Length: 2,43 m, width: max. 59 cm, cargo box: appr.  65 cm long, 47 cm wider appr. 51 cm high, made of aluminium, cover with lock, waterproof.
Weight of  vehicle: 23 kg, transport capacity (including driver): 200 kg‎

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