Sunday, June 12, 2022

Riding on the island of Foehr

It seems we are gradually leaving COVID-19 behind.The month of May was a good time to take the intercity from Bonn to Niebüll, then the local train to Dagebüll Mole and finally the ferry to the charming North Frisian island of Foehr. 

The island is wonderful for riding your bicycle. After getting off the ferry I rode my Brompton from Wyk to Utersum on the other end of the island where I had booked my hotel. For one whole week I crisscrossed the network of bicycle lanes with my folding bike.

Bumpy Bicycle paths and the tree root intrusion issue

 Some bicycle paths are in a bad condition because they are really bumpy. Instead of rebuilding these paths, the islanders have simply put up road signs warning of dangerous tree root protrusion. Since some bicycle lanes run parallell to the nicely blacktopped smooth country road, I took the road instead of the bicycle lane. Checking the internet for the issue of tree root protrusions, I found that even the parliament of Schleswig Holstein had discussed it. 

 A Stop in Husum on my way back home I made a stop in the small Nort Frisian city of Husum where fresh seafood sandwiches are sold in the pittoresque port.
And finally, after riding Deutsche Bahn, I cannot let you go without a picture which illustrates a detail of the deplorable service which this train company has become notorious for.

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