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Bicycle Tour Bonn: Crossing the Rheinsteig (2 hours)

View from the Rheinsteig trail over the vinyards of Oberdollendorf down to the river Rhine

Starting at Gielgen-Bonn (bus stop) we take the road to Oberholtorf where archaeologists excavated the founding stones of what was once a large Romanesque church.  At the site, conservationists have set up a bee hive with solitary bees.

Then we ride into the forest where we turn left on the hiking trail "Rheinhöhenweg", past the highest elevation point of the city territory of Bonn and to a car park with a show case where the hikin trails in the Siebengebirge are indicated.

Next we turn right twice, after a short ride one very small and bumpy trail we leave the fores and stop right on the famous "Rheinsteig" trail.  Here we turn left and find a bench to rest a little and to overlook the Rhine valley above Oberdollendorf.

Our view goes over the vinyards and roofs of Oberdollendorf down to the river Rhine where we will arrive at the Niederdollendorf ferry boat after an easy downhill ride through the vineyards and then past timbered houses, the oldest of which date from the 17th century.

Once at the Rhine ferry at Niederdollendorf, we turn into the direction Bonn-Cologne, right on another trail with many spectacular sights.  The trip takes us to Oberkassel, past the restaurant "Rohmühle" and the grand hotel Kameh from where we find our way to the subway and bus  station Ramersdorf.  From here the bus takes us either to Gielgen where we started, or we take the subway, if we want to go to the centre of Bonn. -  Here are some photos of the trip.

The sign reads:  "Historic site, please do not use as playground; please keep dogs on a leash."
The scarce information available of a former church of which no documents are known.

Based on the mural remains,  the exact outline of the former church has been marked with new masonary work.. The slate in the church`s choir covers a children`s tomb.
Conservations have set up this home for wild bees.
On the trail "Rheinhöhenweg" this stone mark`s the highest elevation of  Bonn.
Stone and map along the trail for the biker`s  orientation
This is the small trail connecting with the Rheinsteig.
The trail symbol of the Rheinsteig
Upon entering the Rheinsteig, turn to your left and find this nice place to rest.
Signs at the vinyards.
Entrance gate to the popular wine restaurant Sülz.
In front of the church at Oberdollendorf
A sight in the historic part of the village

Complimentary service:  Use the air pump in front of this shop.
Sight in the old part of Niederdollendorf, shortly before reaching the river Rhine.
Ferry for cars and persons at Niederdollendorf
It reads:  "Get out to the Rhine!  You are now on the adventure trail Rhineway between Bonn and Duisburg.  The trail offers you two times 160 kilometeres of  cycling enjoyment up and down the river. You may start your tour at any point on the trail and define it individually thanks to information boards and trail markers.
One of the many barges on the international waterway Rhine

All photos copyright by g. miklitz 2011

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