Sunday, April 10, 2011

For Gentlemen, a Brompton Trip along the Agger and to Schloss Auel

Schloss Auel  in Wahlscheid 
From Bonn by car to Lohmar near Siegburg, and right on to a nice cycling lane along the small river Agger.
The trail  takes you to Schloss Auel in Wahlscheid, a beautiful barroque castle with hotel, restaurant and bistro.  This resort is at the same time the entrance to a large golf course.

The castle and the restaurant are really worth a visit, the historical interieur may give you the impression you are entering the world of noblemen and knights.  The children loved the armour of a knight standing to your right behind the  entrance door. 

If you are on a budget, beware of the prices in this fine restaurant.  You also have the bistro as an option.  Service and food are excellent. -  The village of Wahlscheid, which is only a five minutes ride away, has also some nice places to rest, a country restaurant, a cafe and a beer garden.

Is the Brompton rider a true gentleman only if he frequents places like the castle restaurant?  Of course not, because as everybody knows the gentleman among the Brompton riders carries his values within, in his character and cultivation, not in his purse.

To sum up, today`s outing was enjoyable for the beautiful spring weather, a wonderful landscape with a memorable historical landmark and because the folding bike had made it so easy to go for are short ride after a good meal. 

How did the Brompton perform today, alongside my little son on his kid`s bike?  Well, we pedalled at the same speed, my gears gave me a clear advantage, though.

Finally, I must not forget mentioning the plastic protector of the front gear wheel which came off at one spot.  A bump with the foot was enough to bring it back into place.  This reminded me of the harsh comment of a fellow Brompton rider whom I met last week at the river Rhine in Bonn and whose words I don`t want to subscribe yet:  "Just the frame is first class, forget the appliances." 

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