Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Brompton Bike Blog´s Success Stories

After blogging for nearly  a year  about my folding bike experiences with a Brompton, I want to tell my readers which stories have been the most successful and what I think of it.
Number one in popularity has been my first blog entry in which I tried to answer the simple question:  "Why a Brompton?" It is clear, many readers come for the first time to my blog because they are looking for a purchasing advice:  The Purchase of my Folding Bike
The second place is taken by my story on a friend`s try out ride:  My advice, do not rely on your intuition or previous knowledge or skills with regard to bicycles.  Read the instruction manual and make sure you know what you are doing when folding and unfolding the Brompton.  The success of this story is not quite clear to me.  Are my readers attracted by  the combination of Intuition and Speed?
On third place we find the problem of Brompton`s caster wheels catching the cuffs of the rider`s trousers - a minor inconvenience - and what some users have done about it. Castor Wheels and what some Brompton Users Have Found. Quite practical advice, this one.  Technical aspects are always of great interest to a majority of readers looking for facts.
Now the question arises, which story the author likes best. - Honestly, I like them all,  but one stands out.  It is about my stay in Berncastel-Kues in the Moselle valley.  I stayed there with two of my children in the youth hostel, visited a castle and rode along the river to show the kids how a sluice is working.  Combined with some typical tourist observations I  have put in some philosophical thoughts by the 15th century scholar, bishop and cardinal Nicolaus Cusanus who happened to use the terms "folding" and "unfolding" in the most central part of his thinking. (In the Moselle Valley at Bernkastel-Kues)
In my post I quoted the philosopher: "Deus ergo est omnia complicans in hoc, quod omnia in eo.  Est omnia explicans in hoc quod ipse in eo."  The German translation by Paul Wilpert would run in English somewhat like this:  "God is the folding-in of everything because everything is in him; he is the folding-out of everything because he is in everything." Brompton folding bike enthusiasts may like to think of the designer`s genius when looking at the vehicle in the unfolded state.


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  2. I'm happy for this lovely success of you. It has been the result of your hardwork and patience.


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