Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Folding Bike Pictures Around the World: 折叠自行车, Vouwfiets, Velo Pliant, Bicicleta Plegable, Складной велосипед, 折りたたみ自転车

As the days are getting shorter and colder, a Brompton rider may be inclined to stay at home and go on a tour in the internet instead of roaming outdoors. I will tell you how a folding bike enthusiast can find one of the most interesting picture collections of folders on the web.

The other day I sat down by the fireside and started surfing.  My linguistic interest took me to places where I learnt what a folding bike is called in the languages of countries with a  remarkable bicycle culture.
When  I had collected my data, I was not sure which language should be placed at the top of my list.  English is spoken around the world, but China is definitely the biggest, i.d. most populous bicycle  country on the globe.

Here is my list:
Chinese:  折叠自行车 (zhedie zixingche)
English: Folding bike 
Dutch/Nederlandsk: Vouwfiets
French/Francais: Vélo pliant ,
German/Deutsch: Faltrad
Italian/Italiano: Bicicletta pieghevole
Japanese:  折りたたみ自転车 (Oritatami jitensha)
Polish/Polska: Rower składany
Russian: Складной велосипед (skladnoi welosipjed)
Spanish/Espagnol: Bicicleta plegable
Swedish/Svenska: Hopfällbar cykel

So, what to do with this list?
Copy one of the  expressions for folding bike and paste it into Google`s search engine for pictures on the web. 

Google` search result for the input of "folding bike" will yield a marvellous collection of pictures comprising many well known folder models from the western world but also some nice Asian curiosities: Chinese version (zhedie zixingche). 

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