Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brompton Blogs World Wide

Presently it is bitterly cold in Germany, between minus 5 and minus 12 degress centigrade during the day. As done before in adverse weather conditions, I will refrain from cycling and browse the internet instead. As a result, I am calling your attention to five blogs in this posting (There are many more worth mentioning, but I will keep them for later.):

a) Kris Ablan has a nice blog about his Brompton folding bike tours in the Philippines, where he lives in the city of Laoag, Ilocos Norte. I like his blog because he shares a lot of everyday experiences and photos of his tours with the family.

b) Lim Soo from Hongkong, China, says he is having a midlife crisis and has fulfilled the promise to commute by bike for 190 days. His postings are enjoyable because he has an eye for the unusual, extraordinary, funny but also for the practical. I owe him this link to a funny film showing all kinds of ways to cycle freehandedly - however, none of the film`s actors is doing so on a Brompton. -. Who of the world`s Brompton friends will be the first freehanded rider seen on youtube?

c) Ichirosan`s blog ( (only partly in English) from Japan is about his commuting and leisure biking, often with his son, in Tokyo. His posting (in English) on why to commute by bike after Japan`s nuclear catastrophy in Fukushima impressed me most.

d) Will Vanlue is a photographer and writer at "BikePortland" in Oregon, USA. In his blog we find good arguments for the progagation of going by bike in his section of "Cycling Facts", and good advice for any cyclist under "Prudent Decisions". You may want to start visiting his site by clicking the friendly Brompton Folding Bike Review.

e) Copenhagenize is a famous blog from Denmark promoting bicycle culture and design. A collection of posters showing philosophical bicycle wisdom includes this one by the author of the "peanuts" Charles M. Schultz:            
                      "Life is like a ten speed bicycle.
                        Most of us have gears we never use."
While the majority of this blog of note with a great variety of stimulating postings is on biking in general, the Brompton wisdom is discussed in one of the blog`s fora: "Please explain the Brompton to me".

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  1. Interesting selection - I too ride a folding bike, but mine is a Montague, which means it has full-size wheels. I never could get used to other small-wheeled models. You should also check out The Folding Bike Blog.


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