Sunday, January 29, 2012

Carneval in Bonn - Going by Bike and Meeting the Princess

Carneval Princess Jenny II and Maid, Bonn-Beuel ("Liküra")
Photo: private
During the carnival season in Bonn - foreigners may not know that it starts in November - activists dressed in traditional, fancy or just funny costumes can be seen on their ways to a carneval party or event.
Today I have been out with my bike along the Rhine.  As I was taking a rest in one of the best cafes in the region, I met by surprise  this year`s carneval Princess Jenny II, elected by our local carneval associations "Liküra".  She looked lovely, she was charming and she smiled a lot when she entered  the cafe together with her entourage.  Immediately there was the air of carneval in the cafe. Princess and team were taking a break to have a cup of  coffee and a delicious piece of  cake.  Look for yourself:  
Serving the cakes at Cafe Breuer, Bonn-Oberkassel
Photo: private
I don`t need to tell you that I enjoyed both the good looks of the girls and the excellent cake.  This may sound like advertising, but it isn`t.  It simply happened to me today.  And just in case you are riding along the renowned Rhine bicycle lane Cologne-Koblenz, you may want to take my advice and make a stop at Oberkassel for a cup of coffe at Cafe Breuer.  The local people will love to tell you how to find this tradional place where the owner is justly taking great pride in his craftsmanship.  
By the way, people in this area also know that it is a good idea to leave the car in the garage when going to a carneval event because you will enjoy some beers or drinks there.  A good argument for using the bike.

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