Friday, November 18, 2011

Route Planning Tool for NRW, Elevation Profiles, GPS and Weather Included

Some of my friends think that a Brompton Rider needs a Smart Phone as an attribute of affirming his cult.

I have nothing against using an i-phone or a Samsung Galaxy or a Nokia or any other useful  smart phone, but I disagree with those who seriously think that you would need it.  What do you really "need" when riding your bike?  When I go from Bonn to Cologne I don`t even need a map, thanks to the well indicated bicycle trails with post signs at any crossing.

In one of my recent postings I called your attention to a link with information provided by the state of North Rhine Westphalia.  After exploring the corresponding site, I found that they give you  good access also in English. However, you have to be a bit patient when using the function of their map.
Here is what they say themselves about this very useful service:

"Welcome to the English version
 of the Bicycle Route Planner

The Route Planner allows planning a bicycle tour by selecting start,
destination and intermediate stops by clicking on the map or
by entering addresses. The algorithm assures that the route
calculated will use dedicated bike routes but other roads and
paths only for the access to the network at start or destination.

The English version offers full functionality of the planning tool.
You get maps, height profile, cycling directions and GPS-tracks
for any calculated route. You can select different route choice
options like 'avoid steep grades'. Moreover, wizzards help you
finding adresses, points of interest, or railway stations on the map."

 Before you click the link, be aware that the zoom function of the map is
a bit slow.    Bicycle Route Plannner NRW

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