Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tire flat - recumbent e-trike cyclist fixed it

Friendly recumbent e-triker leaving 
- Brompton tire is fixed 

                                      This friendly recumbent e-trike cyclist fixed  my
                                      Brompton's  flat tire on the Lahntal-Trail.
                                      I wheeled my Brompton to a terrace cafe and asked
                                      if anyone had a flat tire repair set.  The 3 wheeler
                                      got up, handed me his repair set - plus pump - and 
                                      when I started to fumble at the flat back tire of my       
                                      Brompton, he gave a skilled hand.

                                    His Recommendation:                         
                           Use Puncture Proof Tire 
                           "Schwalbe Marathon Plus"

                                      "If you want to prevent punctures, you should mount
                                      the Schwalbe Marathon Plus," he recommended. 
                                      After ten minutes  the repair job was  done and the man got on his
                                      electric trike .  Wheeling off  he said "Good bye, 
                                      and have a nice trip!" - "Thank, thank you, " I answered,
                                     "you came to help me just like one of the yellow angels
                                      of  our German autmobile club 'ADAC'."
                                      A big friendly smile was his answer.
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