Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On A Jewel Bicycle Trail Into Germany's National Park "Kellerwald-Edersee"

On occasion of visiting relatives in the pittoresque village of Ellershausen (Frankenau) my daughter and I went on a short folding bike trip.  Our tour went along a marked bicycle trail into the beautiful valley of the Lengel brook.  Formerly there were five mills in this dale.  One of them is now a highly recommended country inn with good food and  accommodation.

It prides itself for the surrounding peace of nature, for the beauty of an unspoiled landscape at the south end of Germany's national park 'Kellerwald-Edersee', and last not least for a much noted literature festival held annually in spring.
I decided to place a link in my text because this country inn really stands out.  Any foldingbike friend with a bent for literature and creative work will find it great and inspiring.  If you are a passionate blogger, the inn's owner may grant you a specia deal available only for artists and writers with a certain reputation.
Bährenmühle, Ellershausen (Frankenau)
After a nice hike through the forest we passed the Huguenot village of Luisendorf, which my French friends may find especially interesting. About two hundred years ago, refugees from France (Huguenots) who were persecuted for their protestant Christian belief founded this village and built a church.  Up to the late 19th century the French language was spoken there from the pulpit.  No surprise that still today some family names in this area can be traced to their French origin.

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