Sunday, July 1, 2012

Train Broke Down - My Brompton Made Me Feel Strong

I took the train from Bonn to Cologne for some shopping. My Brompton was wrapped in the Ikea Dimpa bag. (Recent posting: Brompton folder fits in Ikea Dimpa bag)  A bit heavy carrying the bike up and down the platforms, especially the straps on the shoulders!  I had a great ride in the central shopping district of Cologne.
But alas! The Deutsche Bahn, Germany's national railway service, had a problem, as so often since it  became  privatized.  This time it was a breakdown because the doors did not close.    Half an hour of waiting at Deutz.  I phoned my family:  "Don`t worry, if the delay is too long, I will take my folding bike and ride all the way  back home."  Luckily, this was not necessary.
There was another train.  And I met some nice people  thanks to the train problem.  A graduate student from China was going back to  Siegen, and another graduate student from Iran was going to visit her relatives in Porz.  Sorry for the poor performanc of our Deutsche Bahn. 

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