Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Party of ADFC - Bonn - German Bicycle Club - at Bed and Bike Hostel "Base Camp"

Summer Party of Bonn`s Bicycle Club "adfc" 

This year I attended for the first time the summer party of Bonn`s bicycle association "ADFC" in the immediate neighbourhood of the most unusual bed and bike hostel "Base Camp".

The acronym  ADFC stands for 'General German Bicycle Association', which is a nationwide organisation for bicycle lobbying at the various government levels and for the bicycle activities of its members: ADFC Kreisverband Bonn

Independent of the ADFC and just happening to host the summer party, the  singular bed and bike hostel "Base Camp" is located in a former industry hall.  This building is now the  ideal shelter for a variety of vintage caravans that serve as accommodations for the night,  including a sleeping car from a former night train.

To me,  a tent on top of a "Trabant" - the former people`s car in East Germany while under Communist rule - is the most spectacular exhibit and sleeping place for a bed and bike tourist.
On occasion of the ADFC summer party, the author has taken his chance to test the comfort of this famous vintage car, model "Trabant", made in the former GDR.
Two friendly and charming guests posing in front of and in their unusual accommodation for the night.
(Photos above and below)

A look inside the tent on top of the vintage car model "Trabant",
also known as "Trabbi"

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