Table of contents of "My Folding Bike Brompton" Blog

I. Recent Blog Entries
a) Anna rents a cargo bike for free

b) They did Cologne in 15 Minutes

c) Summer Party of ADFC - Bonn - German Bicycle Club - at Bed and Bike Hostel "Base Camp" 

d) With greasy hands to the Cusanus Museum in the Mosellle Valley 

e) Berlin-Potsdam: Mark the "No-go" zone for cyclists at Friedenskirche

f) Guided Bicycle Tours in Berlin

g)  Berlin VW Showroom: Fashion Designed Electric Folding Bike

h) On the Lahntal Bicycle Trail from Dietz to Lahnstein

i) Tire flat - recumbent e-trike cyclist fixed it

j) Schloss Diez: Canoe trip - use Brompton for cycling back

k) Friends on the Ruhr Valley Bicycle Trail

l) June 3, European Bicycle Day  

m) Riding a Brompton in Malaga, Spain - A magical metamorphosis of the ordinary

II. Usage and Technical Issues

a) The purchase of my folding bike

c) Folding bike intuition and speed

d) A case of warranty: Broken fender (mud guard)

e) Folding, Riding, Fixing

f) Caster wheels and what Brompton users have found

g) Flat tire: Brompton pssssss

f) My Brompton Folder: One Year Summary of Technical Problems

g)  I always carry the Brompton in my Benz

h)  Brompton Folder fits in Ikea Dimpa Bag

i)  Brompton folds smaller than the "Dahon MU xl",
    but how about the new "Tern" from the same folding bike family?

j) I missed my train but the folding bike helped me out

k)  Some Weak Points

l)  Folding Bike Pictures Around the World: 折叠自行车,Vouwfiets, Velo Pliant, Bicicleta Plegable, 
    Складной велосипед, 折りたたみ自転

III. Touring
1. In General:

I have been there in the parked position

 Brompton Blogs Worldwide

2. Tours Abroad

a) In Nancy (France):  from Remicourt to Stanislas Square

b) From Rails to Trails: Custine - Moivron (near Nancy, France)

c) In Paris use the metro, but ride your folding bike in Versailles

d) Through Lille (France): Bike within a bike

e) Riding the folder in England:

Reading (Berkshire), Riverboat Cafe

and Fish Pedicure

f) One Day in London after the Riots (2011)

3. Special Tour Experiences

a) Philosophical:

In the Moselle valley at Bernkastel-Kues

b) Crazy:

On Father`s Day: Brompton mounted ona Hercules W 2000 motor cycle with Wankel
engine and sidecar

c) Cultural:

    -  Bicycle tour near Bonn: Crossing the Rheinsteig
    -  Pavement Graffiti may be a Joy for Brompton Ridersand other Cyclists